Each container holds 76 tasty servings, ready to go at a moment’s notice. Just add water, and heat. Great in an emergency or for everyday use.




You never know when disaster could strike. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to STAY READY. That’s why our meals have been designed to last up to 25 years, so you can sleep peacefully knowing you’re prepped and ready.

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Quick and Easy to Prepare

Our meals are the ultimate in easy preparation. Just add water, heat, and dig in.

Long-lasting Shelf Life

Designed to last for up to 25 years, you can rest easy, knowing our meals are ready any time you need them.

Food Storage Made Easy

Our stackable containers provide easy, efficient storage. Hassle-free with a small footprint.

Every order from Roundhouse Provisions is backed by our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Try it for up to 90 days and if you aren’t completely satisfied, just send back the buckets for a full refund of your purchase price.

Each bucket holds a whopping 76 tasty servings in a wide variety of flavors and cuisines to help you recharge your energy, and stay healthy & alert. So you’re ready to handle any situation that arises.
We designed our meals to be an easy, delicious way to help you and your family in an emergency. However, you can enjoy our meals any time. A lot of folks use them for camping, hiking, RV trips, and even those times you need to get a meal on the table right now.
Our meals are the ultimate in fast, easy preparation. Simply add water, heat, and enjoy! And storage is just as simple. Our stackable containers provide easy, efficient storage. Hassle-free with a small footprint.
Shipping is free no matter how many buckets you order. While our buckets are easy to lift and carry, they can be expensive to ship. And our goal is to help you and your family be prepared, so, unlike our competitors, we’re happy to take care of the cost of shipping for you.

Our Meals

Spicy Habanero Chili

This is a tasty twist on an old favorite. The habanero peppers add spice without too much heat. And the diced mangoes give this chili a refreshing flavor that can’t be beat.

Creamy Vegetable Rice

Carrots, celery, potatoes, and more are combined with long-grain rice and a creamy, rich sauce for a tasty, satisfying, and incredibly flavorful meal.

Beef Flavored Fried Rice

Always a crowd pleaser, our beef flavored fried rice delivers a savory, aromatic meal that tastes delicious…and provides the carbs you need to stay strong and energetic.

Beef Flavored Vegetable Stew

Potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, bell peppers, and more are seasoned with select spices and savory beef flavor to create a hearty stew that will have you asking for seconds and thirds.

Santa Fe Beans & Rice

With our Santa Fe beans and rice, we bring Tex-Mex flavors to a classic Southern dish. The result is a meal that satisfies your palate as well as your hunger.

Southwest Enchilada

These enchiladas combine the perfect amount of authentic Southwest spices with savory chicken flavor to deliver a meal as delicious as it is satisfying.

Pasta Primavera

We make our pasta primavera in the classic way — combining spiral pasta, vibrant vegetables like broccoli florets, green beans, cauliflower, green peppers, red peppers and more with a delicious creamy Alfredo sauce. Molto bene!

Hearty Chili Mix

We packed our classic “bowl of red” with the perfect blend of spices and “chili fixin’s” for a hearty, delicious meal with just enough zing to bring a smile to your face.

Chicken Flavored Teriyaki with Rice

The savory chicken flavor and lively teriyaki work together to create a heavenly dish you can always count on to be loaded with goodness!

Baked Potato Cheese Soup

Rich, creamy, and delicious, this soup delivers the best flavors and textures of a baked potato with all the fixin’s. It’s the ultimate comfort food!

Tomato Basil Soup

Our tomato basil soup gives a grown-up twist to a childhood favorite. The tomato soup is creamy and comforting, and the basil adds a lively finish your taste buds will love.

Chicken Flavored Vegetable Stew

We “level up” this classic vegetable stew with hearty chicken flavor and spices like cloves, caraway seed, and more for a scrumptious dish you’re going to love.

Mexican Style Chicken Flavored Rice

Peas, carrots, corn, chopped onion, and more are combined with rice and mixed with savory chicken flavor and classic Mexican seasonings for a little spice (without too much heat).

Anything can happen, at any time, to anyone. Be ready!

The last few years have taught us that anything can happen, at any time, to anyone. Here are a few examples of why we’ve always got to be prepared and ready.

SEP 2011

The Southwest Blackout

This power outage affected 2.7 million Americans. Just 12 hours without power forced grocery stores and restaurants to throw away an estimated $12 to $18 million dollars worth of food. Which meant days — and even weeks — without access to certain kinds of food.

OCT 2012

Hurricane Sandy Hits New York City

While Sandy devastated 24 states, New York city was hit particularly hard. Power was out in many areas for weeks. Streets flooded. People were trapped in their apartments, having to survive off the food in their pantries, as the food in their fridge quickly went bad.

FEB 2021

Texas Ice Storm

Sub-freezing temperatures caused massive power outages — nearly 4.5 million Texas homes and businesses had no electricity. People had to live on whatever food they had, because deep snow and icy, frozen roads made it nearly impossible for many to get to a grocery store. .

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What others are saying

  1. RealNguyener

    Verified Buyer

    REAL meals!

    We’ve been wanting to stock up on emergency food supplies for a while now but didn’t know where to start. This bucket has everything and more! Big plus: made in the USA, shelf life of up to 25 years. The claim “just add water and heat” made the food preparation sound a bit easier than done. You do need a pot and camping stove/fire and measuring cup to prepare the meals. The meals sound delicious: chili, creamy veggies and rice, veggie pasta, vegetable stew, teriyaki with rice, tomato soup, beans& rice,…. . The container contains 76 servings. We haven’t tried any of the meals yet because we want to save them for emergencies, but now we do feel prepared and ready!

  2. Kelleyi84

    Verified Buyer

    This is amazing to have on hand!

    This container of food is amazing. It makes me feel safe keeping some in my car and house for an emergency. Easy to prepare. 25 year shelf life which is so nice to have. I live in NY and we recently got a bad snow storm and u was crazing tomato soup. I opened up the container and made it and it tasted like out of a restaurant. I highly recommend everyone to get these containers for an emergency or just to eat on the regular!

  3. Nicolie80

    Verified Buyer

    Great to have on hand

    The roundhouse provisions, Emergency Food Supply comes in a bucket that is stackable so it’ll be easy to store and save on space while doing so when stocking up on these. This one comes with 13 different meals, all meals have 4-8 servings per meal. It has a 25 year shelf life which is great, because you never know when this will come in handy. Each meal comes with it’s nutrition facts on the bucket and all have their own instructions on how to prepare. They’re all pretty easy, water and heat..

  4. Js501

    Verified Buyer

    Ready for anything!

    This Roadhouse Provisions emergency food supply packs 9lb 10oz of food into an easy to store package good for upto 25 years of shelf life. Their are 13 different meals of 4 or 8 servings per meal. My favorite is the Creamy Pasta Primavera which provides 190 calories per serving. The sealed plastic bucket container contains 76 total servings from 19 separate pouches. We have used these meals for Boy Scout back packing trips and we keep many on hand for emergency given their amazing shelf life. Add a few cans of Spam to your reserves and you are ready for a hearty meal anytime. These are a real value compared to the prices at REI and the like for freeze dried. Definitely worth packing several away for the family given the ice storms we have recently had. Just boil water and you are ready to enjoy. Each bucket provides one week of 2,250 calories per day per person. 16 buckets feeds a family of four for a month or longer if you have to ration calories. I’m constantly reminded that if you wait for an emergency to prepare, your already to late. I’m ready now and hope you are too.

  5. Honeyb3037

    Verified Buyer

    Yummy meal options

    I recently ordered an emergency food supply kit by Roundhouse. This kit contains 19 multi serving individually packaged meals. All the meal options are dry goods which require only water and heat to prepare. The side of the bucket they come in has the nutritional value of each meal option and how many servings are in each bag. The meal options include several variations on flavored rice and a type of protein, chicken, beef or beans and some soup mixes. Each silver bag has the meal name printed on the side of the bag. The bags are resealable so you don’t have use it all at once. I decided to try out the beef flavored rice. I was surprised to find small diced pieces of dried beef inside. The package was easy to tear open from side to side. I looked at the directions on the side of the bucket and added one cup of dry mix to 3 cups of water to make two servings. I boiled for 3 mins then reduced the heat and simmered for 20 mins. The rice has a delicious beef flavored aroma and after 10 mins the beef started to rehydrate. One serving was plenty enough to fill me up. I really enjoyed the aroma and flavor. I did end up added just a little salt, but I think that’s smart planning on their part since some customers have to limit salt intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should purchase the Emergency Food Supply?

A: Anyone who wants to help make sure they and their loved ones are prepared if a disaster or emergency should hit. Our delicious, easy-to-prepare emergency meals deliver nutrition you’ll need to help stay strong, alert, and prepared to deal with a possible emergency.

Campers, hikers, and anyone enjoying the outdoors love our meals because they’re easy to carry, ready in no time, and serve up a wide variety of tasty meals.


Q: Are they difficult to prepare?

A: Our meals are the ultimate in fast, easy prep. Simply add water, heat, and enjoy! And because every meal was created by gourmet chefs, working with food scientists, you get all the calories you need from delicious dishes like hearty beef flavored veggie stew, baked potato soup, spicy habanero chili, and more.


Q: Is the Emergency Food Supply strictly for emergencies?

A: You can enjoy our meals any time. A lot of folks use them as their “go-to” food for camping, hiking, RV trips, and even those times you need to get a meal on the table right now.


Q: How many buckets should I get?

A: We usually suggest 3 buckets. That way you’ll have 2 containers ready if an emergency strikes. And you have an extra one for quick meals around the house, or delicious meals perfect for any outdoor adventure. Plus, our containers are stackable, so 3 don’t take up any more floor space than one.


Q: How long are the meals good for?

A: You never know when disaster could strike. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to STAY READY. That’s why our meals have been designed to last up to 25 years, so you can stack the containers in your garage, basement, or the back of your closet… and sleep peacefully knowing you’re prepped and ready.


Q: What is in the Emergency Food Supply bucket?